Artjail teamed up with acclaimed video artist Marco Brambilla to create this short film that was acquired by Vera Wang and is currently installed in her flagship Beverly Hills store. The installation is an impressive 8 panel wall mounted version that plays as an offset reel of film.

The film was originally shot on Red Camera then effected in Autodesk Flame. We created seamless transitions and digitally hand painted degradation techniques to the footage. Out of the Flame the footage was scanned to 35mm motion picture film, where it was further degraded in multiple passes using bleach and other photo chemical processes. Those results were then loaded back into the flame where we used elements of the film to create more specific degradation. The silhouettes and other visual cues were also something handled in Flame.

Director: Marco Brambilla
VFX: Artjail
Creative Director / Lead Flame: Steve Mottershead
Flame / Editor: Beau Dickson
Flame Assist: Ben Vaccaro
Music: Nicolas Jaar