Description: Artjail is currently seeking a Runner to join the NYC team.

Responsibilities include:

-Opening studio at 9:30am with Office Manager
-Clean studio - start of day/end of day/middle of day as needed (6th floor and 7th floor) - this includes the kitchen, restrooms, suites, open floor area, and production
-Keep the bathrooms tidy (6th floor and 7th floor)
-Runs - delivering/picking up packages as needed
-Coffee/food runs
-Client services/hospitality 
-Stock fridge, food, paper goods, etc
-Answering phones when Office Manager is out of office, in a meeting, or on a break
-Greeting clients
-Keeping the storage closets tidy
-Assisting Office Manager with inventory of office supplies/food/needs
-Talking notes on calls when needed
-Assisting Data Techs with file management
-Posting files
-Assisting the producers when needed
-Among many other various tasks within reason


-Excellent communication skills
-Self motivated
-Willing to put in the needed hours
-Always willing to offer help
-Positive attitude and spirit

Please send all resumes and cover letters to

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