A year in the making - Sakura 2012 Tokyo

I had just taken possession of my new Red Scarlet X Camera and was off to Tokyo for a project. When I wasn't working on the Dentsu Tokyo thing I was in town for, my plan was to shoot some day in the life of Tokyo. Luckily I just caught the tail end of the Sakura (Spring Cherry Blossom).

I was getting a lot of footage and one of the days I ended up in Yoyogi Park where I came across a street performer. I had never seen the instrument he was using but I was instantly enthralled, as where some other locals and tourists. Before I moved on I ended up buying his CD.

Later back at my hotel when I was looking through some of the footage and listening to the CD I noticed that he had actually played one of the tracks that was on his album while I had been shooting him! So I decided to cut together a bit of a music video for his music. Here is the result!


Director / DP / Editor: Steve Mottershead
Additional Camera: Motoki Tomatsu

Shot on Red Scarlet X using canon L-Series glass