Artjail is currently looking for a Junior VFX Producer to join the NYC Production department. Our ideal candidate would have 2-3 years of VFX/Production experience. 

Responsibilities include:

- Overseeing simple VFX projects
- Assisting Producers on larger scale projects
- Assisting Producers on simple bids
- Scheduling within CETA - tracking all confirmed jobs and holding all bidding jobs
- Tracking project finances
- QC’ing in house projects produced
- Manage shot lists, tracking documents, etc
- Working with your lead to ensure jobs deliver on time and within budget
- Maintaining and growing current client relationships


- 2-3 years of Post Production experience
- Excellent communication skills
- Knowledge of scheduling - ideally within CETA
- Knowledge of Production through Post Production processes
- Hard work and dedication to the craft

Please send all resumes and cover letters to John@artjail.com

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