Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers

Artjail teamed up with Google Creative Lab to work on another tech based short film about cheeseburger phones, Kurzweil cracking jokes, and a mic icon that's just the doorway to so much more...

Language. Easy for humans to understand (most of the time), but not so easy for computers. This is a short film about speech recognition, language understanding, neural nets, and using our voices to communicate with the technology around us.

Client: Google Creative Lab
Director: Jessica Brillhart
Google EP: Lorraine Yurshansky
Google Producer: Trevor Joyce
Studio: Artjail
Creative Director: Steve Mottershead
Executive Producer: Arthur Portnoy
Senior VFX producer: Lisa Starace
VFX producer: Melissa Fornabaio
Editor: Jeff Conrad
Online Editor: Matt Jacob
Flame Artist: Chris Memoli
Graphics / Animation: Chris Monaco, Laura Lee
Colorist: Shawn King