A collaboration between us and Marshmallow laser feast.
Model scanned by the amazing guys at FBFX.

Our involvement:
After we received the high res models from FBFX we we started to build realistic shaders for the skin. Obviously the eyes are extremely important in making a 3d person look realistic so we built our own layered eyes and tear channel. Another thing we added was subtle hairs on the body. 
Since beryl is "transitioning to death" we also had to sculpt alternative versions where she was covered in an ash like material. 
Extra to the main model we also created all the additional pieces for the video like cloth and the rose. 
Once we'd decided on camera moves together with MLF every scene was lit, rendered & comped in house at Analog.

Director : MLF
3D Scanning: FBFX
Retopology : FBFX
Producer : Emily Rudge
CG Direction / VFX : Analog
Music : Duologue


A short "making of" for the Duologue project. 3dsmax Zbrush Vray Mari Nuke