Artjail is currently looking for a 2d Assistant to join the NYC team. Our ideal candidate would have a degree in the Arts and 2-3 years of 2d experience in a professional setting.

Responsibilities include:

- Assisting Lead Artists and Colorist(s) with day to day operations
- Execute compositing tasks assigned by the Lead artist in Nuke or Flame
- Perform simple color grading tasks and apply existing grades to shots in Baselight
- Keep track of hours / work done by both the Lead Artist and You
- Work closely with Producer / Clients to ensure all elements are acquired for Jobs
- Keep track of and manage the various resolutions and edits on a given project from job start through transcoding and edit to final conform and compositing
- Transcode Scene-Linear EXR's from Camera RAW at the correct resolution and color gamut in Baselight
- Prepare color grading request forms
- Conform EDL's and AAF's from edit, matching offline and prepping for Lead artist and Colorist. Keep track of all elements associated with Jobs
- Maintain and perform Flame archives and Baselight backups
- Keep regular backups of servers (shared with Data Tech)
- Prep Slates, Titles, Files and Graphic Elements for use in the Flame and/or Baselight
- Prepare versions of deliverables for multiple formats and technical specifications
- Quality control of prepared masters
- Patching Decks and Machines
- Post Videos from Flame or Baselight for client viewing
- Active learning of Nuke, Baselight, and Flame with tutorials, self assigned projects, working on shots for the Lead Artist


- 2-3 years of Post Production experience
- Excellent communication skills
- Self driven
- Drive for excellence
- Creative eye
- Knowledge of Flame
- Understanding of Nuke
- Understanding of Baselight

Please send all resumes and cover letters to John@artjail.com

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